Pipeline Pre Commissioning & Inspection

Tri Ocean specializes in all pipeline pre-commissioning activities. Our equipment is managed and operated by people who come from the same background as the main marine contractor. We help the marine contractor plan the work such that the pre-commissioning has the least possible impact on operations. We are proactive in highlighting potential issues and ensuring both parties benefit.

• Cleaning debris, Flooding and Gauging of pipeline section
• Hydrotest and leak test
• Dewatering /swabbing
• Drying using air or foam to the level of dew point below -20 degree Celsius
• Vacuum drying
• Flushing
• Nitrogen purging to the level of oxygen content less than 2% by volume
• Nitrogen packing

Tri Ocean has an experienced & capable team in performing under water asset inspection:

• Geometry inspection
• Metal loss inspection
• Crack detection
• Leak detection and location
• Profile monitoring and mapping.
• External / underwater inspection
• Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR)