SURF Engineering

We at Tri Ocean understand that a solid and comprehensive SURF design is essential to the success of your project. It will help ensure the flawless installation and operation of any offshore asset, and eventually determine the output from the reservoir. Tri Ocean has extensive experience in a wide variety of SURF projects, involving rigid riser systems, SCR (Steel Catenary Riser), dynamic and hybrid riser systems.
With solid in-house SURF expertise, based on in-depth practical experience and theoretical knowledge, and a successful track record in solving numerous engineering challenges. Tri Ocean has the know-how to anticipate all the various contingencies and requirements that may emerge during the fulfillment of your project. And we will unconditionally maintain a keen focus on quality, cost and time schedule. Below is the list of engineering analyses undertaken by Tri Ocean:

• Subsea umbilical
• Flexible risers
• Flexible flowlines
• Fibre Optic Cables
• Subsea structures such as templates, PLETs, manifolds, mid-water arch, etc.
• J-Tube pull-in Analysis